Interlachen Team Members are proud to work here, and we are proud of them!

Natalie C.

Cabana Server

When you work here, you can't help but feel compelled to be happy. Every day I want to come to work, do a good job, and have a positive attitude. The energy from members rubs off on me and I’ve looked forward to going to work every day. I don’t think a lot of people can say that about their jobs anywhere else.

Julia N.

Assistant Golf Professional

The team effort at the club is something special. I have worked at a couple other clubs and it doesn’t feel as collaborative as it is here. Everyone is willing to jump in and help out wherever is needed, and it is so nice knowing I have support from the team.

Nick D.

Golf Intern

Honestly, the best part of working here is the people. I love everyone I work with - they are some of the nicest, most caring, and genuine people I have ever met. The membership is great too - they are all really nice and cool and give you a lot of praise. When I first started working here I was a little nervous. My coworker pulled me aside and assured me I was doing a great job. By the way he said it to me, I could tell he truly cared about me. That is when I realized that this place is different.

Will M.


There are a lot of reasons I love working here and why I continue to come back each summer season. The biggest is the people. Whether that’s interacting with members and playing with their kids at the pool, or getting to know the rest of the team and bonding with them, this is a place you can truly connect with. I feel like we all have this one thing in common and we can all depend on each other.

Chloe D.

Cabana Server

All I’ve ever asked for is a great working experience and I’ve gotten that here. There is room to grow at Interlachen and looking back at my experience, I have learned so much. That’s all anyone can ask for. The leadership has been amazing at helping me see beyond my position and the growth opportunities here at the club. The skills I’ve learned here carry over into the skills I’ll need in my professional career and in life. I’ve talked about my skills in so many classes.

KaSondra W.

Clubhouse Server

There is a lot of support on this team - providing meals, helping cover shifts - it seems like people are constantly supporting each other. If you are swamped at work, everyone is here to help you out. The managers are very hands on which I appreciate and love to see. I’m never afraid to ask for guidance or support.

Meg F.

Founders Server

I think the biggest part that sticks out to me about Interlachen is the high standards of service. I have always loved that, with everyone working hard towards the common goal and giving a great member experience. Something that drew me in was how much we care about our members and how that care is a group effort. The team is always here to support employees too. They give meals to our staff, and do various things throughout the year to show how much they care about our wellbeing. All of that matters.

Noah L.


This is a really fun team. I think the friendships that I’ve made here I will want to keep forever. Everyone is so supportive of other departments. It doesn’t just feel like culinary is on an island or isolated - we all work together and help each other out.

Jack M.

Grounds Intern

I was honored to be a part of the family at Interlachen. It was definitely more than just a job opportunity for me, it was a solid learning experience where I could work under the wing of a professional at such a successful country club.

Emily N.


Working at ICC has been so awesome! After COVID settled down I wanted to get back into the business, and since I had never worked at a private country club, I thought I would give ICC a go. Best choice yet for me. I have worked in the food business for over 20 years. I have learned new things at ICC and know that this is a great spot to begin a career or continue to hone your craft. The staff is the best. Everyone is so helpful and happy. The vibe at ICC is fun, creative, and welcoming. Besides all that, the benefits are pretty awesome too! Golf, yummy food, and community!

Michaela M.

Clubhouse Server

I have been working at Interlachen Country Club for almost 3 1/2 years. My experience here has been like no other, Interlachen is a very family-based community. We each do our best to make Interlachen a second home for both employees and members. I have acquired so many skills and learned how to be a better person for myself and for others. I have worked in so many different departments such as: in our restaurant (Bobby Jones), in our cafe (Founders), in our Youth Activity Center, in our Pool, and in our Hockey Lodge. By doing this I have gotten to see every part of Interlachen that our members love and be a part of that experience. I was able to find connections with both members and team members that I never thought I would have, which makes my experience here something that I will be thankful for throughout the years. One of my favorite parts about Interlachen is the big events that are held for holidays, such as Mother’s Day brunch, Oktoberfest, Christmas, The Fourth of July, and many others. It is truly amazing seeing everyone come together to celebrate and see what a difference we can make to someone’s day. We are one team and one family all working together to make the best experience for everyone possible. I am and will always be very thankful for the experiences and opportunities that Interlachen has given to me

Ari T.

Founders Server

There are so many things that I love and enjoy about working at Interlachen Country Club. The people I work with are amazing. They make me feel comfortable and welcomed each day I am on property. There is always room for growth and improvement within the Club which makes it easy to work within different departments. The thing that makes working at Interlachen Country Club different than other jobs is that everyone genuinely loves working here. From the members to the team members everyone is excited to come to the Club and have a great time, which says a lot about the hospitality and the HEART each employee brings to work every day

Jim V.


Working at ICC doesn’t feel like a job as everyone treats you like family. I love it here! I’ve been at ICC for more than 10 years and each and every year I consider myself fortunate to have ended up at ICC.

Michael F.

Assistant Golf Professional

There is no place to get a more holistic experience than at Interlachen. With the wide scope that the operation has to offer, there are opportunities to learn every facet of the golf profession. Most importantly, the team that surrounds you will empower you to achieve your goals and give you the tools to reach them.

Michael R.

Assistant Golf Professional

Being a part of the Interlachen team has provided me the opportunity to grow in my professional and personal life. We are challenged to do our best in all that we do and all of our team members support each other in this never-ending pursuit. Every day I feel fortunate to be a part of the Interlachen family.

Riley D.

Sauté Cook

I work in the kitchen as a Banquet Cook and have now been promoted to to Sauté on the restaurant side. I've been here for 5 months & I'm enjoying my time here more and more. The comradery throughout the kitchen and serving staff is so inspiring, it makes everyday a great experience. Working with truly dedicated and passionate chef’s who have exquisite taste and a creative thought process on creating dishes is amazing to see and learn from. Working on the Banquet team was a ton of fun, because every day was different. Whether it was carving meats at weddings, making omelet’s for golf tournaments, or just serving varieties of fine meats at member get-togethers, I always enjoyed the variety. Getting out and talking to the members, even creating bonds with some, is a memorable time. Benefits are just the cherry on top, with 401k, health insurance, PTO and more. ICC is a place that really takes care of the team members and I'm very happy to work here.